We’re stronger together

When workers come together to pursue a common outcome with their employer, they are in a much stronger position than going it alone.

Unionised workplaces are safer and fairer and Unionised workforces are paid 15.4% more, on average, than those employed in non-Unionised workplaces.

Your Union, the CWU/CEPU, has delivered successive Enterprise Bargaining Agreements (EBAs) with Australia Post that have set benchmarks for conditions and pay within our industry.

But whilst good leadership has enabled us to advocate for great outcomes, it is our strength in numbers that have delivered them.

The foundations of our ability to continue delivering the deals you deserve lay within the density of Union membership in your workplace.

To deliver the very best possible outcomes during this round of bargaining with Australia Post, the majority of workers in your workplace must be Union members.

Join today, to deliver a better tomorrow.

Because united we bargain, divided we beg.