Survey closes tomorrow, NERR to be reissued

Thank you to the thousands of members who have completed our EBA10 member survey. The survey is crucial to assisting your Union in developing claims that truly reflect the needs of our members, as we prepare for this round of bargaining.

The survey closes at 5pm, tomorrow – 2 April 2021. If you haven’t already had your say, you can do so online at

Your Log of Claims

Following our EBA10 member survey’s record return rate so far – we are confident that the Union’s log of claims will truly represent the issues most important to our members.

These claims will be developed in full once the survey has closed and will be shared with members once finalised.

Notice of Employee Representational Rights

Australia Post is obligated, by law, to issue a Notice of Employee Representational Rights to every employee who is eligible to be covered by the proposed EBA10 and will be doing so over the next few days.

As a CEPU/CWU member, you can ignore this notice.

IMPORTANT: You are not required to appoint a bargaining representative. As a CEPU/CWU member, the Union is automatically your bargaining representative to negotiate on behalf of all members.

Staying up to date

We will continue to keep members up to date through workplace circulars, e-mail bulletins and SMS messages.

Members should ensure State Branch Office have their up to date e-mail and mobile telephone details on file.

Members can also visit this website for the latest news and updates.

Should you require any further information, please contact your State Branch Office for assistance.