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Bargaining weeks 2 & 3: TRR & ADM to end on June 30

Bargaining for EBA10 continued over the past two weeks with meetings focussed on matters pertaining to retail, delivery and contact centres. Robust talks progressed with discussions focussing on employment arrangements, start times and rostering arrangements including access to overtime and reduced attendance rostering, access to leave entitlements, workplace flexibility, the use of contractors and superannuation. Lengthy discussion ensued around bringing ADM to an end, what a future delivery model should look like, and how it would be developed. A future delivery model means a new way forward – great. But what is critically important at this stage is determining what
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Post’s start times tantrum sets tone for day one of bargaining

Bargaining for EBA10 commenced this week with two meetings held over Tuesday and Wednesday. It is however a shame that Australia Post chose to set the tone by throwing a tantrum over shift commencement times at delivery ADM sites on the eve of those talks kicking-off. For months, AURs across ADM sites have been engaging with management in a genuine effort to at least try to improve the ADM debacle, and shift starting times have proved to be a key widely-felt issue. The later starts implemented under the ADM have caused posties to have to battle with peak hour traffic
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