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Stronger together: Recruitment promotion closed

Recruitment Promotion Success To all our new members who took the opportunity to join their Union during this period – welcome. And to our fantastic reps and members across the country who asked their colleagues to join – thank you! Over the past eight weeks, we’ve welcomed hundreds of new members across the country. Increasing our membership only makes us stronger as we prepare for bargaining of your new EBA. Our EBA10 recruitment promotion came to a close on Friday last week and Woolworths Grocery & Fuel gift cards are on their way to new members who joined a participating
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Bargaining process & employee representational rights

Notice of Employee Representational Rights Australia Post is obligated, by law, to issue a Notice of Employee Representational Rights to every employee who is eligible to be covered by the proposed EBA10. As a CEPU member, you can ignore this notice. IMPORTANT: You are not required to appoint a bargaining representative. As a CEPU/CWU member, the Union is automatically your bargaining representative to negotiate on behalf of all members. Your Log of Claims Following our EBA10 member survey’s record return rate – we are confident that the Union’s log of claims will truly represent the issues most important to our
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